KORG Electribe MX-1SD

Music is something that everyone has in their life. Music can make us happy when we are sad and bring out emotions and happy memories. Everyone has a favorite genre of music. Mine is electronic. I like to listen to all kinds of electronic music and I feel like theres a different kind for every kind of mood.
A couple weeks ago I was invited to go hang out with my some friends at a music studio. There I met some new people including this one guy Danny who is a music producer – Torkom. He created some music for us while we were hanging out. And I am seriously saying he was creating it there and then on the spot. How was he doing this? With a Korg EMX1 Electribe MX Music Production Station. I was amazed by this device as I never saw one of these before. What interested me was the fact that he could change the song and turn it into whatever he wanted at his whim. I wanted one instantly! I am trying to learn piano currently anyway so I thought this would be a fun addition. I bought one. It is a lot of fun to play with and you can make any kind of music and sounds that you want. I just started going through the users manual which I have been told is the best way to start learning it. What is great about it is that I can just plugin my headphones in the headphone port and play around with it anyway I want because nobody else has to hear it but me. I bought the Sennheiser HD555 Professional Headphones which are the best price to performance you can get. At a later time I will post more info as i get better at this. I will write about what made it easier for me to grasp it and explains of the more complicated things. Until then here are some pictures of it.