Prevent iPhoto or Aperture from opening when camera or iPhone is plugged in

Apple likes to do a lot of automated things for us. When we plugin our cameras or iPhones it wants to download the pictures off of them. When plugging them into our Mac computers, iPhoto or Aperture will come up thinking that we will want to import the pictures on them. Some of us dont like this happening automatically because it is annoying at times.

There is a simple way to fix this. It is not an option in Aperture or iPhoto. It is actually a Mac option. To change it go ahead and open up Image Capture. You can do this by going to Spotlight and searching for Image Capture.

The Image Capture window will look like this:

This window shows your devices. Go ahead and click on the device you want to disable the automatic iPhoto/Aperture popup and on the bottom left you will see a dropdown. It says in my case “Connecting this iPhone will open:” because its an iPhone. Click that dropdown and choose No Application.

This will take care of your issues. It will prevent any app from popping up when you plug in that specific device.