Secure Torrent Client

Every torrent client can be a secure torrent client. I have used a wide array of clients and they can all be made secure by changing a few settings. It has to do with turning on torrent encryption.

Go to your torrent client’s Preferences or Options and look for Encrypting outgoing and incoming traffic. For the best security set all the options to Force encryption.

Here is how to do it in my favorite torrent client: ĀµTorrent
1. On the top bar go to Options > Preferences and you will see a window come up like the one below.
2. Click BitTorrent on the left side. On the right side now you will see a section for Protocol Encryption.
3. Set Outgoing to Forced and uncheck the checkbox that says “Allow incoming legacy connections“.


By doing this your torrent traffic will look just like a secure tunnel to your ISP.

You will be safe from your ISP throttling your connection because you torrent and things like that. Be aware though that if you are torrenting items that are illegal this encryption will not save you from everything. It is just one extra layer of security. For a more secure torrenting experience look up proxies. These proxies will hide your IP Address from the world.


Good luck and happy torrenting.