Block Youtube Video Ads In Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox And Opera

If you are watching a lot of youtube, ads that happen on some of the videos are very intrusive and annoying. You dont want to sit there for a long time watching more ads then videos.

There is a plugin I use which blocks these ads so all you see is the videos. It is also useful for other websites as you will not see ads anymore wherever you go. The software is called AdBlock. It is available for all browsers. I use chrome but it does not matter what you use. I will add the links to these plugins below so you can download them.

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Your internet experience should be a lot better now!

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Add photos to iPhone / iPad simulator add photos to iphone simulator

When doing iPhone or iPad development sometimes there is a need to do processing on photos in the iPhone photo library. Instead of just testing the app on the device there is an easier way.

You can create a photo library on the computer that shows up in the simulator. The path to the simulator photo library is:

~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/Media/DCIM/100APPLE

If the directory structure is not there create it and add your photos / videos in there.

To have them show up in the simulator delete ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/5.0/Media/PhoneData. This will rebuild the iPhone photo database and allow you to use those items during development.

That is what i do. Good luck.

Airplay stream audio and video for Windows free

I have been looking for a simple remote solution for my Windows media center pc. My audio system is connected to it so i needed a way to stream audio wirelessly from iTunes. I have used the Airfoil for Windows free but it starts garbling sound after a while if you dont buy a copy. I am trying to keep my media center mostly using open source software. Two softwares have actually made this possible for me.

I can now stream both audio and video over Airplay from my iPhone or iTunes on my laptop and its FREE!!!!

Audio Streaming

For streaming audio over Airplay i use Shairport4w which is located at

Sharepoint4w allows you to make any Windows machine into an iTunes speaker making it very easy to send music to it. It has settings to allow a user to set a password on it so not everyone can send audio to it. It also allows for audio output selection. This helps if your audio system is not your default audio device. PERFECT!

Video Streaming / Photo Streaming

Streaming photos / video over airplay from iPhone to TV is a very useful and very cool feature to have. I use Windows Media Center for my media needs and i found a plugin which is also open source. It is called Airplay for Windows Media Center. Follow the link:

These are free tools. If you find them useful support these creators by donating help or $$.

If you have any questions about how to use these tools let me know below. I can explain to you how to install them or use them.