Nicholas Canyon Beach Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing


Nicholas Canyon Beach is an awesome place for kiteboarding and kitesurfing. It is not really for beginners but I kite boarded there and I am a beginner. I have good control of the kite but just learning to water start. The wind here is pretty strong so in general use a 9m to 10m kite. There is a large area to kitesurf and there are awesome waves you can ride as well. Going there on a weekend I encountered a few surfers. They were left of the kite spot. Make sure you setup past the concrete ramp after the 2 orange flags. Ask the locals kiteboarding / kitesurfing there if you have any questions.

Here is the wind forecast : Wind Forecast

Iphone IOS 5 Wifi sync not showing up in ITunes Solution Fix

Wifi sync is a new feature for Iphones which is part of the new IOS 5 upgrade.

You will need to have IOS5 Beta 2 or Beta 3 for this to work.
You will also need to have ITunes Beta 2 or Beta 3

The reason why it does not show up in ITunes for most people is because you have to have Mac 10.6.8 update. If you click the apple on the top left of your screen and click on “About this Mac” it will tell you what version of OSX you have. In my case I have 10.6.8.

Once you have the update installed and you plug in your IPhone in the summary screen Sync over Wi-Fi connection will show up as an option. Check that box and you will not have to plug in your IPhone to sync anymore.

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Secure Torrent Client

Every torrent client can be a secure torrent client. I have used a wide array of clients and they can all be made secure by changing a few settings. It has to do with turning on torrent encryption.

Go to your torrent client’s Preferences or Options and look for Encrypting outgoing and incoming traffic. For the best security set all the options to Force encryption.

Here is how to do it in my favorite torrent client: µTorrent
1. On the top bar go to Options > Preferences and you will see a window come up like the one below.
2. Click BitTorrent on the left side. On the right side now you will see a section for Protocol Encryption.
3. Set Outgoing to Forced and uncheck the checkbox that says “Allow incoming legacy connections“.


By doing this your torrent traffic will look just like a secure tunnel to your ISP.

You will be safe from your ISP throttling your connection because you torrent and things like that. Be aware though that if you are torrenting items that are illegal this encryption will not save you from everything. It is just one extra layer of security. For a more secure torrenting experience look up proxies. These proxies will hide your IP Address from the world.


Good luck and happy torrenting.

HTPC Media Software

I have just built my media center PC. It is now sitting in the living room running 24/7 since its also my file server. HURRAY!

I know there are many options for software and some people will argue Linux over Windows but after doing some research and talking to a few people I decided to go with Windows 7 Ultimate (Home Premium will work also) for its Media Center.

My requirements for my media center were to have a way to share files and an easy way to view my photos, videos and music. It is an ongoing project but this is what i have installed so far:

Media Center Master –
This is an essential software for Windows Media center if you are going to be using Media Browser. Media Center Master will scan your video folders and not only rename the video files and folders in an organized matter but also download backdrops and eyecandy that Media Browser can use to display your movie collection. It will also auto torrent shows and video for you if you set it up that way. Install your favorite torrent client and you are on your way.

Media Center Studio –
This allows you to customize your Media Center using different themes you can download online. There are many media center theme packs out there if you do a google search.

Media Browser –
Great addon for Windows Media Center it organizes movies in a very easy to view format and adds a lot of eye candy. It will change the way you navigate your Video.

AirFoil Airspeakers –
Apple released a very cool remote speaker option for people who have an Airport extreme. This allows users to stream audio from their computer or iphone to another place in their home. For those of us who dont have an Airport Extreme, AirFoil has a similar software with a lot more options. I have installed the server on my HTPC so that i can stream audio to it anytime i want bigger sound. The stream works very well and it goes through at a very good quality.

Hulu Desktop
We all like to watch Hulu. With the new Hulu Desktop, Hulu can be controlled from Windows Media Center giving users a unified interface.

Logitech Touch Mouse
This is the best free Wifi Mouse keyboard option I have been able to find. It allows me to use my IPhone to control both the mouse and keyboard of my HTPC. There are some downsides to this. Since it is a server running in the background, it will not work when you restart your HTPC. What I have also noticed is that it does not work when Windows UAC pops up and asks for permissions. Overall though it works great.

My HTPC is slowly evolving as I get more use out of it. Im finding new things to do with it all the time and will be probably be installing more software as I go on. I will update this list as it happens.

UITableViewCell UILabel background color clear color

I was doing some iphone programming and i ran into an issue today. I had a UITableView with a bunch of cells in it. Every cell had a label with a black background. Every time i would click on a Cell to navigate away from this table, the background on my labels would go transparent and if i came back to this table they would be transparent as well. After doing some research i found out it was happening because this UITableViewCell was selected and on selection something funky happened.

My solution was to subclass the UITableViewCell and overload the 2 methods that made this happen. The setSelected method and the setHighlighted method. My label is called title. This way i was able to set my background to be black no matter if the UITableViewCell was selected, clicked or just showing in the table.

-(void)setSelected:(BOOL)selected animated:(BOOL)animated {
      self.title.backgroundColor = [UIColor blackColor];

-(void)setHighlighted:(BOOL)highlighted animated:(BOOL)animated {
      self.title.backgroundColor = [UIColor blackColor];

Hope this helps some of you.

Prevent iPhoto or Aperture from opening when camera or iPhone is plugged in

Apple likes to do a lot of automated things for us. When we plugin our cameras or iPhones it wants to download the pictures off of them. When plugging them into our Mac computers, iPhoto or Aperture will come up thinking that we will want to import the pictures on them. Some of us dont like this happening automatically because it is annoying at times.

There is a simple way to fix this. It is not an option in Aperture or iPhoto. It is actually a Mac option. To change it go ahead and open up Image Capture. You can do this by going to Spotlight and searching for Image Capture.

The Image Capture window will look like this:

This window shows your devices. Go ahead and click on the device you want to disable the automatic iPhoto/Aperture popup and on the bottom left you will see a dropdown. It says in my case “Connecting this iPhone will open:” because its an iPhone. Click that dropdown and choose No Application.

This will take care of your issues. It will prevent any app from popping up when you plug in that specific device.

Sync iphone / ipod with Ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat

If you have Ubuntu and would ilke to sync your iphone without ITunes there is a solution from imobiledevice. Go ahead and run the code below and it will install all the packages necessary for you to be able to sync your iphone with Rhythmbox.
First run this:
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmcenery/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade

then run this:
$ sudo apt-get install gvfs gvfs-backends gvfs-bin gvfs-fuse libgvfscommon0 ifuse libgpod-dev libgpod-common libimobiledevice-utils libimobiledevice1 python-imobiledevice libplist++1 libplist-utils python-plist libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev libusbmuxd1 usbmuxd nautilus-ideviceinfo

I had to reboot my computer before the changes took effect and I could sync successfully.
Some of you have gotten the error about not being able to mount their iphone – DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus). This is due to the new 4.2.1 firmware that Apple pushed out to the iPhone. Just make sure that the imobiledevice library that you install is 1.0.4 or later because that is the one that has support for it. If you followed the correct steps above you should have the newest version and everything should work right.

You can use Rhythmbox or gtkpod to sync your music to your Ipod/Iphone.